ECU Remapping

The Powerflow Tuning team consists of some of the UK's leading engine ECU remapping specialists, who are able to write a bespoke map to your requirements, giving you an infinite choice in engine tuning options. Whether you require economy or performance for road or race use, we can custom develop a remap that suits.

From supercards to commercial vehicles and motorhomes, all are covered! We are part of the Powerflow Tuning UK based team, delivering the fully warranted best quality ECU remaps available.

We are very passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on quality. All our maps are thoroughly tested and written within the safe limits of each vehicle's manifacturer's limit. This ensures reliability and a safe, usable power delivery with increased performance or economy - depending on your chosen option!

We also offer DPF, EGR and immobiliser removal software for a wide range of vehicles.

For more information, enquiries and quotations, please contact us by phone or email.

Find out what we can do for you!

The following services are available:

  • ECU Remapping
  • DPF Removal
  • EGR Removal
  • Immobiliser Removal
  • Speed Limiter Removal

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